The Jing Soda® Story

"When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I never wanted our daughter to drink commercial soda with all its unhealthy ingredients. I also knew I never wanted her to feel left out, deprived, or rebel like I did because my parents never let me drink soda.

"I asked my husband Len to create a soda that she could drink every day that was not only NOT BAD for her but in fact GOOD for her..... by infusing it with beneficial superfoods and super herbs.

"Len quickly got to work in our kitchen (which was a BIG mess for the next four years!) and created the super-herb soda concentrates that are the basis for Jing Soda® - the world's first super-herb soda!

”Our daughter Sofia, now eight years old, is growing up drinking our super-herb soda. she loves it! Cherry cola is her favorite! We stop at the coffee shop we own and operate before I drop her off at school and she drinks a soda with us!"